ÿþ About us - Conference Interpreters Group

Our experience

The Conference Interpreters Group (CIG) is a partnership of professional conference interpreters which has been providing clients with language consultancy and interpretation services since 1978.

CIG is in touch with interpreters internationally and will assist clients in finding interpreters throughout the world - wherever your event is being held.

We will help you identify your language requirements for any event - from small meetings or conferences to major congresses - and advise on the most cost-effective solution.

We will also help you identify the method of interpretation most suited to your needs.

CIG interpreters are members of AIIC

All CIG members are members of the Geneva-based International Association of Conference Interpreters (Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conférence), www.aiic.net

Founded in 1953, AIIC is the only worldwide professional association of conference interpreters. Its 3,000 members adhere to a strict code of professional conduct which lays down standards of confidentiality, ethics and practice.

Similarly, AIIC's rigorous entry requirements governing linguistic and professional competence mean that membership is your best guarantee of quality in an area in which few countries have legislation governing who may or may not call him or herself an interpreter.

 Quality means that our interpreters, as members of AIIC, will all be properly qualified professionals who have achieved a high level of competence. We will prepare thoroughly for any assignment, studying any documentation provided and independently researching the subject matter and any specialised terminology for no extra fee.

As members of AIIC, CIG members are bound by the AIIC  Code of Professional Ethics which forbids disclosure of any information obtained during an interpreting assignment.

The Code of Professional Ethics is designed to protect the interests of all those participating in international meetings.