Frequently asked questions

Q. How much will interpretation cost?

A. Cost is affected by factors such as the languages involved, the number of interpreters needed, the type of interpretation and the location of the event. We will provide a competitive quote, tailored to your specific requirements.

Q. Can I discuss our requirements in person?

A. Yes, our secretariat is staffed during normal working hours. We will respond quickly to your query and be pleased to talk through your requirements in a user-friendly way.

Q. Can you provide equipment?

A. Yes - we liaise with a top quality, competitively priced supplier who will advise on and meet all your technical needs.

Q. Why should I use AIIC members rather than less qualified interpreters?

A. The International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) is the only worldwide association of conference interpreters, membership of which is a badge of the highest quality. AIIC interpreters are highly qualified and experienced, and are experts at conveying the full sense of the speaker's words in context.

Q. Will the interpreters be well prepared?

A. As professional conference interpreters CIG members research the subject, prepare glossaries of terms etc. for no extra fee. We will request reference documents or other material to enable us to prepare thoroughly for your meeting.